This consists of the communication and dissemination tasks of the project – This consist of National and European campaigns to promote the innovative business model in order to roll-out EPC+ to the market. The communication strategy will present two categories: National communication and European communication. The National strategy includes the necessary activities in the participant countries to achieve a fluid communication between the potential energy services providers, SMEs and the potential customers.

The main activities are a) project website, b) national dissemination events, c) marketing materials and d) final brochure with project results. The European communication strategy aimed at dissemination information about this innovative model and promoting the results to other EU countries different than the participating countries.

Presentation 1 Introductory Workshop – EPC for your Green Business, December 2015

Presentation 2 Learnings from EPC+ – Local Authority Session – Public Sector Conference, January 2017

Presentation 3 Learnings from EPC+ Association of Irish Energy Agencies
December 2017